HaploSystems GesmbH is located in Vienna (Austria).

The Business of HaploSystems:

  • Developing, marketing, and sales of Paulownia plants and related technologies
  • Production of Plant Doubled Haploids in important agricultural crops
  • Developing Plant Doubled Haploid Production technologies
  • Consulting services in plant biotechnology and plant cell culture to world-wide customers for sustainable, environmental friendly and efficient agriculture.

HaploSystems will develop and introduce innovative, effective and environmentally-responsible and friendly products and services to develop today the technology of tomorrow.

The Company Mission Statement: Market leader in developing, producing and delivering to customers world class plant bio- technologies and products, which are based on innovative methods and which contribute to environment friendly and profitable production of food for farming communities in Europe and other parts of the world.

The Company Vision Statement:

  • Be experts for better solutions for customers
  • Employ the best of science and high-tech in a core component of modern plant breeding and biotechnology
  • Become the world leader in Doubled Haploid Technology and Paulownia Biotechnology

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