Haploids & Doubled Haploids

Doubled Haploid Production Technologies based on in vitro Microspore Embryogenesis

Immature pollen of higher plants, called also microspores, can be induced to embryo formation and haploid plant regeneration when cultured in vitro in appropriate culture conditions. This method is widely used to obtain doubled haploids in many crop species, including brassica, wheat, barley, tobacco, and others). For some crops the technology became routine (brassica, barley) and breeding programs in these crops solely based on the use of DHs. However, in the majority crops, the technology is still not efficient (pepper, wheat) or not available at all (tomato, sugarbeet, soybean, cotton, majority trees, ornamental and medicinal plants). HaploSystems founders accumulated great knowledge in microspore cultures of many important crop species and founder`s lab has been among top leading labs in the world in Doubled Haploids via microspore embryogenesis. Accumulated expertise and know-how will be the basis for establishing Doubled Haploid technologies in important, recalcitrant crop species.

HaploSystems is ready to collaborate with academy institutions and private industry in developing and further improvement of Doubled Haploid Technologies in crop plants.

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